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Cognate with Scots mild, myld mild, Saterland Frisian milde mild, West Frisian myld mild, Dutch mild mild, Low German milde mild, German mild mild, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Bokmål mild mild, Icelandic mildur mild, Latin mollis soft, gentle, Lithuanian malonus pleasing, pleasant, kind, Old Norse mildr.
Mild ale Wikipedia.
8 Outside the United Kingdom mild is virtually unknown, with the exception of Old in New South Wales and some microbrewery recreations in North America and Scandinavia. Some notable examples of Milds are: Bank's' Mild, Cain's' Dark Mild, Highgate Dark Mild, Brain's' Dark, Moorehouse Blackcat, Rudgate Ruby Mild, and Theakston Traditional Mild.
MILD meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
She has a very mild temperament. If the flavor of food or a smell is described as mild, it is not very strong. Mild weather is not very cold or not as cold as usual. Definition of mild from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
mild English-Spanish Dictionary
Synonyms: gentle, soft, soothing, non-irritating, smooth, more. Collocations: UK: a bottle, pint, half-pint, glass of mild, UK: I'll' have a pint of mild, UK: brew, drink dark mild, more. Forum discussions with the words mild" in the title.: 1 can 4 ounces chopped mild green chile pepper.
Mild Definition of Mild by Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster Logo.
2 a 1: moderate in action or effect a mild sedative. 2: not sharp, spicy, or bitter mild cheese mild ale. b: not being or involving what is extreme an analysis under mild conditions. 3: not severe: temperate a mild climate mild symptoms of disease.

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